Today the people of our nation face possibly the greatest test of courage yet faced by Americans since our founders fought for and won our freedoms from the oppressive governance of England. Recently I viewed in-depth, the articles of the Declaration of Independence and was astounded to discover that almost every abuse of freedom listed in that declaration are prevalent in our government today.

Evidence proves the complete dissatisfaction and lack of trust by the people for both the Democratic and Republican parties. Under their watch we have seen a consistent undermining of Constitutional government. This has been accomplished by and creating and passing legislation that serves only their interest and not the best interest of the country. Under their watch judges are selected based on how favorably they rule regarding corporate interests instead of the justice our founders envisioned. The officials they appoint are rewarded with our tax dollars based on previous political support and not on ability or loyalty to their sworn oath.

I, like almost every American, have hopes that the officials we place in the role of governance this election cycle will represent the wishes of the people but, based on the past several decades experience, that is unlikely.

The Constitution Party is looking for people dedicated to returning our nation to the U.S. Constitutional rule of law our founders intended. That ideal includes encouraging and rewarding morality. Immorality has never and will never preserve or promote prosperity; by its very nature it cannot.

The groundwork has been laid for us by the founding fathers and its track record is a proven one. If you wish to participate in reestablishing our state and country back to our founder’s principles and providing opportunity to future generations, consider becoming a point of contact, county chairman, or other role. Maybe a particular issue stirs a passion in you; we could utilize focused participants as subject matter experts to inform others. Will you join us in this battle?


Please help build our membership and support your future prosperity through participation and financial contributions.


Yours in Liberty
Randall C. Stufflebeam